The mansion Vollenhof was built in the second quarter of the nineteenth century, in neoclassic style. The white house with the blinds, which makes a stately impression on the front, is remarkably shallow. Therefore, it is smaller than the first sight suggests.

The carriage house and the other buildings on the estate can be recognized by the red-yellow color of the shutters. These are the coat colors of the families Van Riemsdijk and Van Heeckeren.

There are still drinking bins for the horses in the coach house, which was used as a stable and workshop and is now a seperate house (not for rent). Through hatches in the attic floor the hay was thrown down into the ruins. On the side is the rig room, where the driver also had his accommodation.

Outside the canal is the eighteenth century halle house farmhouse, with lumber enclosure for the entrance. There has not been much change since the farmer Kragt was milking his cows in the yard, even though the milk buses have disappeared. The calf stall has a cooking house where the cattle feed was cooked.

A little further, across the road is the former gardener’s house. This picturesque cottage was built in the 1920s, still with old-fashioned towns. In the little cottage, two families used to live!

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